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This episode is a double header, a one-two punch of interviews with promising mining exploration companies Avrupa Minerals and Strategic Metals.

First up, I spoke with Mark Brown of Avrupa Minerals (TSX.V:AVU; FWB:8AM,, which has properties in Portugal, Kosovo and Germany and seeks to develop properties for joint ventures and for sales to larger mining companies. They seek to work in stable political jurisdictions, with existing mines and strong geological potential. Their project portfolio includes properties with copper, zinc, tungsten, gold, silver, lead and tin.

Next up, I spoke with Richard Drechsler of Strategic Metals Ltd. (TSX.V:SMD, The company has a unique business model, focused on the Yukon in Canada. It builds and advances a database of promising projects, along with investments in projects located in diverse, stable regions. With a long-established presence in the Yukon, Strategic Metals has accumulated an exceptional portfolio comprised of over 100 properties. What intrigued me about the company was the big data and intellectual property angles, and how through new tools old data can be reinterpreted in a way that finds new mining projects.

I hope you enjoy!

DISCLOSURE: I own no securities in the companies I interview.

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