Happy New Year Everyone! It has been a busy, eventful few months with major positive life changes. I am very much looking forward to 2019.

I have uploaded a new video on YouTube and I believe it’s my longest to date! Also, it is my first 4K video, and it looks amazing on a 4K screen. One thing is clear — if I’m going to be doing more of these I need a new computing rig! My old Mac chugged along for too long rendering this in Premiere.

I am very proud of this video, too, because it was an opportunity to expand my Adobe Premiere skills. There were a lot more tricks I wanted to deploy but due to rendering time I have to save testing of those for the next video!

My narration may be a little nasally due to getting over a recent cold — maybe sounds like a combo of Morgan Freeman and Donald Duck!

With that, onward! In 2018 minor metals continued to prove themselves as key enablers of future technology. Join me for a compelling review of how minor metals led the way to new tech.

Click ** here **for the video, a work of love. Have a great 2019!